5.0MP Fisheye camera

5.0MP Fisheye camera

Model No.︰LCF-635

Brand Name︰-

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰10 pc

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Product Description

Model No.:LCF-635 (5.0MP)

Sensor:TI368+9P006  CMOS 
FPS:2592×1944 8FPS (single stream)

Special Features:

1.Support Quad/Nine view

2.Support 360º/180º panoramic view  

3.Support PTZ view,control and auto cruise   

4.Support mouse’s drag and drop

5.Support mouse’s zoom  

6.Support motion detection 

General Features:

◆Support 25 channel 360 degree Fisheye panoramic camera. 

◆Preview and playback can be electronic zoom.

◆Playback also support Quad/Nine view,360º/180º panoramic view and PTZ view

◆Playback can be rewind, and support mult-files play simultaneously.Time playback support for synchronous and asynchronous modes

◆More alarm functions: Sound alarm,capture picture,SMS,email,E-map;

◆Motion detection and smart trigger video: 5 seconds prerecording.

◆Mobile surveillance supports  Android,and iOS              

◆Support Windows 2003 server / 2008server / XP / WIN 7/WIN 8 .                    

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